Barbara Daly Nails it!

Barbara Daly Bright Shades

According to my calendar it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow! Now didn’t that come around quickly? Not that I’m expecting anything from Mr Mummylicious of course, I’m still waiting for him to conjure up a Christmas present so expecting a bouquet of roses is probably pushing it!

But, I’ve already decided that I will be treating myself to these delightfully cute nail polishes from the SS13 collection at Barbara Daly in Tesco’s. While I might always complain that I struggle to have the time to paint my nails, these candy colours are only £5 a pop, which means I can justify splurging on a few next time I’m doing my weekly shop with a mischievous toddler in tow.

With eight shades to choose from and a gel-like finish which resembles a Shellac manicure, they’re super affordable and look almost too pretty to use! Lolly Bliss and Violet Cream are at the top of my wish list.  Are you going to join me?!

Barbara Daly Neutral Shades